Element provides a unique range of mechanical testing services for a wide range of polymeric materials (elastomers, thermoplastics, composites and structural adhesives), components and structures. Our highly qualified engineers use their extensive engineering and materials knowledge to work with clients to:
  • Define appropriate tests conditions
  • Establish a reliable basis for accelerated testing
  • Interpret modes of failure and failure mechanisms
  • Support finite element analysis and life assessment studies

The types of tests we perform include:

  • Quasi-static (low rate) behavior – tension, shear, compression, flexure
  • Fatigue – materials and components
  • Fracture (quasi-static and fatigue) – Delamination in composites, crack growth in elastomers, compact tension in rigid polymers
  • Creep – tension, compression, flexure (materials and components)
  • Stress relaxation – tension, compression, flexure (materials and components)
  • Impact 
Our specialized test fixture designs enable a variety of materials, components and structures to be tested in multi-axis tests using a minimal number of actuators.  This is complimented by the advanced data capture and machine control software that is developed in-house using National Instruments Labview.

Our team of over 6,700 Engaged Experts in North America, Europe, The Middle East, Australia, Asia and Africa are ready to help you.

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