Stress-strain analysis of a material helps determine many of its physical properties. With the information gained through stress analysis and strain gaging, one can predict how a part will react when placed under various working loads.

In a stress strain analysis, Element experts affix bondable single and multi-axis strain gages to your product. The product is then subjected to a load and/or other environmental stresses, such as pressure, vibration, or temperature. A stress strain analysis of this data allows us to present you with a report on your product's expected fatigue response, as well as other general performance properties. Element engineers have used stress-strain analysis on engines, tanks, probes and many other parts and materials.

Element offers stress strain analysis and strain gaging services for products and materials of all sizes and purposes, including engines, tanks, probes, and many other parts and materials. Our experts test to various industry and regulatory standards so you can meet your quality requirements.Our capabilities range from the application of strain gages via a fully automated bonding system to measuring up to 30 locations at a time with our state of the art data acquisition systems. 

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Benefits of Element's Stress Strain Analysis Program

Element's unique capabilities and breadth of experience make us an ideal testing partner for stress-strain projects. Our experts can assist in selecting an existing protocol, or designing a unique test plan to best suit your needs. Our labs are equipped to handle projects large and small, and we can provide insights about strength and durability for even the most complex components. 

Some of the features of our program include:

  • Automatic strain gage bonding deliverable in a portable system
  • Digital controller with feedback loop providing precision temperature directly to area of interest as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Automatic application of up to 4 gage sites at a time
  • Application of any strain gage from single axis to rosette
  • Bonding of virtually any substrate from composite to stainless steel
  • Application to cylindrical substrates with a radius as low as 1.5 inches where conventional clamping methods are inadequate
  • Reduction in human error increasing the reliability and confidence of proper gage installation while reducing set up time by more than 50%
  • Direct application of heat allows the strain gage adhesives to accurately cure as specified by the strain gage manufacture while applying 15 pounds per square inch of clamping pressure to the area of interest.



The Element Advantage

Our experts have years of experience with stress-strain analysis. We can assist with any part of your project, from helping you design a custom test procedure to running complex programs. Our stress-strain labs can help you interpret results and understand material properties, so you get the most out of your components. 

In addition, Element facilities, equipment, and experts are audited regularly to ensure that the critical accreditations they hold are in good standing, so that your stress analysis projects are conducted precisely and accurately.

For more information about our stress-strain analysis capabilities, or to request a quote, talk to an expert today. 


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