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Element Broken Arrow is an A2LA to ISO 17025 accredited metals and polymers focused testing laboratory specializing in materials testing and failure analysis services.

Located in the Tulsa metropolitan area, Element Broken Arrow serves customers from a wide and diverse range of industries including oil & gas, aerospace and power generation, refineries and litigation service providers.

Element Broken Arrow is also PRI Nadcap accredited fully comply's with the United States Department of State under its International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) pursuant to the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

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Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Element Broken Arrow A2LA 1089.01 Mechanical Testing Scope of Accreditation
    PDF - 246.48 KB Download
  • Element Broken Arrow A2LA 1089.02 Chemical Scope and Accreditation
    PDF - 223.41 KB Download
  • Broken Arrow Boeing Approval Documents
    PDF - 1.19 MB Download
  • Broken Arrow Boeing Testing Matrix
    PDF - 61.27 KB Download
  • Broken Arrow Bombardier Approval Documents
    PDF - 450.66 KB Download
  • Broken Arrow BombardierTesting Matrix
    PDF - 67.33 KB Download
  • Honeywell EBA Honeywell Approval Document
    PDF - 1.15 MB Download
  • Element Broken Arrow Gulfstream Aerospace Approval and Scope
    PDF - 3.2 MB Download
  • Broken Arrow Gulfstream Testing Matrix
    PDF - 58.52 KB Download
  • Broken Arrow Honeywell Testing Matrix
    PDF - 61.88 KB Download
  • Broken Arrow Nadcap Approval and Scope
    PDF - 1.26 MB Download
  • Broken Arrow Rolls Royce Approval Document
    PDF - 331.35 KB Download
  • Broken Arrow Rolls-Royce Testing Matrix
    PDF - 63.1 KB Download
  • Broken Arrow SQF 7 4 1 01D Quality System Survey Annual Update Rev C
    PDF - 72.2 KB Download
  • Broken Arrow Zodiac Approval Letter
    PDF - 356.35 KB Download

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