About Element Wausau

Element Wausau is positioned in central Wisconsin to better serve the many windows and doors manufacturers located in the region. Our window testing and door testing services to the fenestration industries include full-service air, water, and structural testing (featuring a 28’x12’ test wall), Miami-Dade County compliance testing, ASTM E1886 and ASTM E1996 testing capabilities, and large missile impact cannon (hurricane test) services.

Our engaged experts specialize in fenestration testing and are approved by agencies and communities around the country to test doors and windows to meet a vast range of codes and regulations. Element Wausau is a window to all Element testing capabilities, including materials testing, product testing, failure analysis, and welding testing and engineering.

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Wasau 9803 A2LA Mechanical Scope and Accreditation
    PDF - 297.22 KB Download
  • Wausau AAMA
    PDF - 40.54 KB Download
  • Wausau Florida DBPR Building Code Product Approval
    PDF - 306.38 KB Download
  • Wausau Miami Dade County Approval
    PDF - 1.12 MB Download
  • Wausau SGCC Certificate
    PDF - 165.31 KB Download

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