As an independent, fully accredited testing body, Element provides 3A sanitary testing for dairy standards by testing multiple-use plastic and rubber materials used as product contact or cleaning contact surfaces for dairy equipment. Our Engaged Experts test under accelerated use-simulating conditions to help you make certain that the materials and products that you make are safe to use in typical dairy processing operations. 

3A sanitary testing requires that any plastic or rubber-like material that comes in contact with product or cleaning solutions (liquid product hoses, food conveyor belts, and gaskets for pipelines and equipment) shall be tested to meet the performance criteria for their intended use as outlined in 3A Sanitary Standards. For the dairy industry, this covers products involved in the production, processing and packaging of milk, milk-based products and other perishable goods. 


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Our Approach to 3A Sanitary Testing

Operating in A2LA accredited laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, Element’s technical experts perform 3A sanitary testing with the highest levels of accuracy, delivering data that is first-time-right, and done on time. Our goal is to ensure that the plastic and rubber materials you are utilizing in your dairy equipment and systems maintain their essential functional properties and are compatible with cleaning and sanitizing agents. 

We test under accelerated use-simulating conditions to evaluate physical properties and performance of materials when used in typical dairy processing operations. Our extensive range of experience in chemistry, mechanical properties, and thermal analysis testing services help ensure that you meet 3A Sanitary Standards, accelerating your time to market.

For more information about 3A sanitary testing for dairy contact surfaces, or to speak to an expert, contact us today. 

Element performs sanitary testing to meet the material and serviceability requirements of:

  • 3A Sanitary Standard method 18 for multiple-use rubber and rubber-like materials used as product contact surfaces in dairy equipment
  • 3A Sanitary Standard method 20 for multiple-use plastic materials used as product contact surfaces.

We support materials suppliers with comprehensive solutions for 3A sanitary testing approval for dairy. 

We perform:

  • Heat aging of plastics without load per ASTM D3015
  • Water absorption of plastics per ASTM D570
  • Durometer hardness Shore A and B per ASTM D2240
  • Specific gravity per ASTM D792
  • Fluid exposure on rubber per ASTM D471

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