Element's FAA, Airbus and Boeing approved flammability lab specializes in providing flammability testing for the aircraft interiors industry.

Measuring flame characteristics of plastics and textiles, aircraft interior flammability testing is a vital part of any aerospace qualification program. Generally covering cabin materials of an airplane, these flammability tests measure how long it takes materials to burn, how easily they ignite, and how they react when burned. A thorough and accurate test program limits exposure to risk and the serious threat of smoke toxicity, ignition, and harmful by-product damage.

Element’s Aircraft Interior Flammability Services

Element offers aircraft interior flammability testing with active approvals from some of the world’s largest aerospace companies including Boeing and Airbus, as well as regulatory agencies like the FAA and Nadcap. Our highly trained staff of experts include FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) and professionals with years of experience testing aerospace materials, so that you can be certain in your results.

As the largest independent provider of testing services for the global Aerospace sector, Element is a single source partner with an unrivaled portfolio of testing operations and capacities. You can combine your aircraft interiors testing with accredited programs, such as RTCA DO-160, Airbus, and Boeing, to ensure the safety and reliability of your materials.

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Aircraft Interior Flammability Testing Services
FMVSS & FAR Aircraft Flammability

Aircraft Interior Flammability Services

Element offers a full suite of aircraft interior flammability services. Our labs can assist with characterizing burning properties, smoke analysis, and other flammability tests. 

Some of the testing that we perform includes: 
  • FAA Flammability
  • OSU Heat Release Rate Testing
  • NBS Smoke Density
  • Determination of Toxic Products of Combustion
  • Vertical Ignition (Vertical Burn)
  • Horizontal Ignition

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