Element's FAA, Airbus and Boeing approved flammability lab specializes in providing flammability testing for the aircraft interiors industry. On-staff FAA DER provides added assurance. All projects include a complete test report.


Aircraft Interior Flammability Services

Our experts, including on-staff FAA DER, are experienced in evaluating aircraft interior materials. Read more details about our flammability testing services. 

  • FAA Flammability (FAR 25.853)
  • OSU Heat Release Rate Testing
  • NBS Smoke Density (ASTM E662)
  • Determination of Toxic Products of Combustion
  • DOT Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #302
  • Testing per Airbus ABD0031, AITM 2.0002, AITM 2.0003, AITM 2.0004, AITM 2.0005, AITM 2.0038
  • Boeing BSS7230, BSS7238, BSS7239, BSS7322
  • Vertical Ignition (Vertical Burn)
  • Horizontal Ignition

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