Element has a unique range of permeation testing capabilities where the permeation coefficient (permeability), diffusion coefficient (diffusivity) and solubility coefficients are determined. 

Thermoplastics, elastomers and composites can be tested at high pressure (690 bar; 10,000 psi) and extreme temperatures (-20 to +250 °C; -4 to +480 °F) to measure permeation characteristics of deep well components (seals, pressure barriers, risers, liners, hoses, pressure sheaths, umbilicals, packers etc.),  fuel system components, hydrogen storage tanks and chemical processing infrastructure. Sweet and sour gas permeation testing is available as well as liquid permeation testing. 

A Gas Chromatograph (GC) is also available for the analysis of permeated gases and mixtures. 

The permeation/diffusion data obtained using specimens of known geometry can then be employed to model fluid passage through more complex shapes using FEA.

The services available from Element include: 


Gas Permeation 

Permeation testing using sweet gases (carbon dioxide CO2, methane CH4, ethane C2H6, nitrogen N2, hydrogen Hetc.) through coupon samples, hoses, tubes, pipes, O-rings and sealing elements is available from -20 to 250 °C and up to pressures of 690 bar. 

Coupon level tests using the pressure differential method are offered according to API 17 J, ASTM D1434, ISO 2556. Hoses, pipes and tubes are tested according to ISO 4080. 

Permeation testing with sour gas (hydrogen sulphide H2S) through coupon samples is also available using pressure differential methods according to API 17 J, ASTM D1434, ISO 2556.

Customized permeation tests for O-rings and sealing elements are also available from Element.


Liquid Permeation 

Permeation testing with a range of liquids (water, oil, solvent, brines, alcohol mixtures, etc.) through coupon samples is available up to temperatures of 200 °C using the cup weight loss method according to SAE J2665, ASTM E96, ASTM D814, ISO 6179 (BS 903-A46), ISO 2528, as well as bespoke test conditions. 

Permeation testing for hoses, tubes and pipes up to 130 °C and at vapor pressure is available according to ISO 8308. Custom permeation testing is also available for hoses under pressure up to 300 bar.  


Functional Tests

Functional permeation tests on O-rings and sealing elements subjected to sweet and sour gases and mixtures are available up to temperature of 220 °C and pressure of 690 bar according to API 6A, ISO10423-4, API 17D, as well as client specified conditions. 

Functional pipe and liner permeation tests with pressure and temperature cycling with sweet fluids is available up to temperatures of 220 °C and pressures of 690 bar.


Liquid Saturation

Tests to characterize the times required to reach saturation under exposure to a range of liquids at vapor pressure and mixtures of liquid and gases up to 1400 bar are available up to temperatures of 250 °C. Measurements of mass and volume update with exposure time are performed according to ASTM D570. 


New Test Methods Currently Under Development

Permeation tests under the following conditions are currently being developed and will be available from Element soon. 

  • Sweet mixed gas permeation testing,
  • Sour mixed gas permeation testing,
  • Sour permeation testing to 100 barg (1,450 psi)

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