Element offers engineering consultancy services for polymeric materials used in wide variety of engineering applications. These include assessing and qualifying design methodologies proposed by equipment manufacturers, providing independent technical audits of designs and failure analysis and acting as independent expert witnesses to support legal actions.  
 These services include:
  • Independent technical audit of design methodologies.
  • Analysis and test data interpretation of polymeric components and structures, especially those critical to system safety. 
  • Independent monitoring of manufacturing processes.
  • Act as expert witness to provide technical knowledge to support legal action.
  • Official reviewer for R&D grants for UK and European Commission funded grants.
  • Technical monitor for UK government R&D contracts.
  • External industrial examiner and advisor to academia postgraduates studies.
  • Mechanical and analytical analyses.


Project Management Services

Element provides a full suite of Engineering Project Management services based on Prince 2 methodologies to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.


Custom Testing

In addition to providing testing according to recognized industry standards such as ISO and ASTM, Element has years of expertise and experience in developing custom tests based on client’s unique requirements, typically in the testing of structures and components under conditions not covered by industry standards. 



Element offers a range of specialist training courses in polymer engineering, including but not limited to seal design and failure, fatigue of composites, and finite element analysis of polymeric materials. The training courses are run on an as-requested basis and are tailored to suit the client’s requirements. 

Third Party Inspection and Audit Services

Element offers a complete range of third party inspection and audit for the monitoring of manufacturing processes and installation, expert witnessing of testing of polymeric components and structures.  

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