The polymeric material, mechanical test equipment available at Element includes:

  • Quasi-static test frames (maximum loads from 10N up to 400kN)
  • Servo-hydraulic test machines – fatigue - loads up to 400kN
  • Dynamic characterisation – mounts, bushes, elastomeric springs etc up to 250kN
  • Creep – at ambient and elevated temperatures
  • Stress relaxation – at ambient and elevated temperatures
  • Fracture testing – composites, polymers, adhesives – multi-station fatigue machines
  • Multi-axial test frames
  • Bespoke structural test frames
  • Temperature chambers for tests from around -80 °C to +250 °C 
  • Electrical and thermal property testing – volume and surface resistivity, electro-static discharge, thermal conductivity
  • Impact performance – drop weight tower (max velocity 40kph or 11.3m/s, max load +/-60kN)
  • Charpy pendulum impact
  • State of the art data acquisition systems
  • Environmental exposure chambers (cyclic temperature, humidity, exposure to fuels, oils, acids, gas mixes, seawater…)


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