For online retailers and packaging manufacturers, ISTA testing is critical to meeting customer expectations and reducing damage. Our ISTA and APASS certified labs can help you meet requirements for over boxing, SIOC, and Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP).

ISTA 6 testing is required for most ground and LTL packages shipped via Amazon. Depending on the product category, the type of packaging used, and whether an item is warehoused or drop-shipped, one of two major test methods must be used: overboxing and Ships in Own Container (SIOC). 

Our container and package testing experts can help you understand the criteria for your products and choose the method that makes most sense for you. 

ISTA 6 Testing

ISTA Categories - Overboxing & SIOC

While overboxing and SIOC generally require the same type of testing, their setups, quantities and individual test criteria are often different depending on the method.

ISTA Test Methods

We are certified by ISTA to test for all major environmental and mechanical categories. Some of these methods include:

Working with Element 

We serve the western United States with specialized container and package testing for ISTA requirements, as well as other ISTA, ASTM and ISO methods. Our Engaged Experts can provide transportation simulation and support for products with unique requirements, and can accommodate custom set-ups for challenging projects. No matter what your needs, our team is ready to help.

For more information about ISTA testing and requirements, or to request a quote, contact us today.

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