In an industry characterized by increasing complexity and rigor, manufacturers and designers must be confident in the reliability, endurance and safety of fuel systems and fuel system components. Certainty can only be achieved by completing comprehensive test programs simulating actual in situ conditions, carried out at world-class facilities by industry-leading experts.

We understand that you succeed when you are able to go to market competitively, safely and efficiently, which is why we have built a comprehensive platform of capabilities with the ability to support component and integrated fuel system level testing. Element is unrivaled in our scale, complexity and flexibility of test systems, rigs and test cells.

In addition to testing individual fuel system components, the conditions of entire fuel systems can be readily reproduced and controlled in a lab operating environment, enabling the end-user to obtain a more cost-effective testing solution, while also monitoring and observing any synergistic effects.

To serve as the most trusted single source testing partner in the Aerospace industry, Element offers Fuel System Testing as part of our complete Aerospace PQT platform which also includes Hydraulic and Pneumatic Component and System Simulation and RTCA DO-160 testing services.


Aircraft Fuel Systems Testing

Our experts can condition high pressure, air, oil, or fuels to extreme high or low temperature conditions while sustaining flow. For example, for fuel icing testing, Element experts can condition fuel to sub zero temperatures, while maintaining flow and pressure conditions.


Three high capacity single pass, or recirculating test systems are available. Each of the test systems has the capability of cooling fuel down to -45 Deg F, and flowing hot oil up to 350 Deg F. Single pass capacities are 4000 Gallons, 2800 Gallons, and 1800 Gallons. Element can perform steady state icing, and transient ice tests. Test samples of the fuel are taken at the inlet to the system to verify the proper ice concentration levels have been obtained. 


Predetermined contamination media is homogenized and injected in a calibrated fashion into the fuel system as it is in operation. System operation is monitored continuously for anomalies. Samples are taken at agreed upon time intervals, and analyzed to make sure the proper amount of solid and liquid particulate has passed through the Fuel System.

In both Icing and Contamination tests, Element has 400HP drives and gearboxed to interface with the Fuel System main pumps. Elements data acquisition and controls can interface with the Fuel System Controls to simulate all phases of operation (i.e. Takeoff, Cruise, Descent, Landing).

Full Engine Fuel System Icing & Contamination Testing
  • Main fuel pump

  • Fuel Metering Unit (FMU)

  • Fuel-Oil Heat Exchanger

  • Replication of physical engine installation, including all components and tubing

  • Simulation of Multiple Flight Cycles

  • Fuel System Contamination

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