Amidst increasingly rigorous regulations and design complexity, fuel system testing is becoming more critical to the reliability, endurance and safety of aircraft.

Our industry-leading experts can work with you to design and implement a test program that gives you confidence in your products and processes.

Because of the complicated nature of fuel systems, testing must be performed in-situ with comprehensive test protocols that simulate all of the internal and external forces acting on the system.

Using innovative techniques, our laboratories can reproduce and control any condition experienced in normal operation, including fuel icing and hot fuel testing, and can monitor and report on any unusual effects.

Our specialists can perform testing on both individual components and complete systems, giving us the flexibility and scale to handle virtually any programs. 


Aircraft fuel systems test methods

We perform fuel system testing while units are operational by conditioning high pressure air, oil or fuel to extremes in temperature while maintaining flow and pressure conditions.

We utilize 400HP drives and gearboxes to interface with the main pumps of your fuel system.

Our data acquisition and controls can simulate all phases of operation (Takeoff, Cruise, Descent, and Landing), allowing us to provide you with results under real conditions, and make accurate predictions about your product’s behavior and capabilities in the field.


Why choose Element for your aerospace fuel systems testing?

Our fuel system testing program is among the most advanced and comprehensive in the industry. Leveraging our industry-leading capabilities in aerospace and product qualification programs, we offer hydraulic and pneumatic testing services for RTCA DO-160, MIL-STD-810 and others in house.

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Aircraft Fuel System Testing Services

aircraft fuel system testing

Fuel icing

Key Facts


-65 F to 100 F

Test Chamber Dimensions

Up to 4000 gallons

Element currently offers steady state fuel icing to ARP1401, with transient fuel icing methods being developed by our industry experts to increase repeatability and consistency in delivering results. 
Samples of the fuel are taken at the system inlet to ensure that ice concentration levels are within an accepted range utilizing our own tailored Modified Karl-Fischer titration process for accurate and controlled water content measurement. 

aircraft fuel system testing

Fuel contamination

Fuel contamination testing ensures that a fuel system is properly managing solid and liquid particulate during operation. A predetermined contamination media is regularly introduced into the system during testing, and is closely monitored for any anomalies. 

aircraft fuel system testing

Hot fuel testing

Hot fuel testing is used to determine if a system or component can remain safe and operable under extreme conditions. At high temperatures, fuel starts to degrade, losing viscosity and providing less lubricity. Element can safely conduct testing and elevated fuel temperatures, validating product design under harsh conditions. Our capabilities include low lubricity testing, hot endurance testing, simulated operation, and a range of custom testing requirements. 

aircraft fuel system testing

Custom fuel system testing

We can perform testing on any component of a fuel system, including the main fuel pump, fuel metering unit, heat exchanger, fuel tank, filter and tubing. Our equipment allows us to combine any of these parts in a single program to simulate multiple flight cycles, ensuring the long-term safety of your product.

  • System Performance Requirements
  • Tubing and Hose Testing
  • Quick Connector Testing
  • Fuel Recirculation and Exposure
  • Low Lubricity Fuel Testing

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