Ensure that your products and parts can withstand the harsh conditions they will face in the real world with Element’s Environmental Chamber Testing Services. Our global network of testing laboratories and cutting-edge environmental test chambers ensures fast, reliable testing to meet your requirements, saving you time and money while ensuring product quality and compliance.


What is environmental & climatic chamber testing?

Environmental Chamber Testing is a process in which products undergo evaluation under controlled simulated environmental conditions to replicate real-world scenarios. These conditions typically include extreme temperatures, varying humidity levels, fluctuations in pressure, and mechanical vibrations. This rigorous testing allows manufacturers to assess how their products perform in environments that mimic those they'll encounter during everyday use or in specific applications. Environmental Climatic Chamber Testing is essential for ensuring product quality, reliability, and compliance with industry standards.


Benefits of environmental & climatic chamber testing service

  • Simulation of Real-World Conditions: Environmental chambers can accurately replicate various environmental conditions and operational requirements relevant to your product's intended use.
    Quality Assurance: Testing products in controlled environments ensures they meet quality standards and perform reliably under different conditions, leading to improved product reliability and durability.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Environmental & climatic chamber testing helps ensure compliance with regulations by verifying product performance under specific environmental conditions, reducing the risk of costly fines or recalls.
  • Cost Savings: Early identification of potential issues during testing allows for cost-effective design changes, minimizing the need for post-production fixes or dealing with warranty claims.
    Faster Time to Market: By accelerating the product development process through early issue identification and resolution, environmental chamber testing reduces time to market, giving companies a competitive edge.
  • Customized Testing: Chambers can be tailored to replicate precise environmental and operational conditions relevant to your product, ensuring accurate testing and reliable results. 
    Data Analysis and Reporting: Detailed data analysis and comprehensive reports provide valuable insights for informed decision-making regarding product design improvements.
  • Risk Mitigation: Identifying and addressing potential issues early reduces the risk of product failures and recalls, safeguarding brand reputation and customer trust.


Expert support in environmental chamber testing

Element offers you access to our team of highly skilled professionals. With extensive experience and expertise in environmental testing, our engaged experts will guide you through the testing process, providing valuable insights and recommendations. From test planning to result interpretation, our team ensures accurate and reliable testing outcomes, mitigating the expertise deficit and empowering you to make informed decisions.




David Lichtman

David Lichtman

Product Qualification expert, Aerospace & Defense

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Chris Stone

Department Head of Testing Solutions.

Simplifying complexity in environmental chamber testing xervice

A manufacturer’s lack of access to specialized testing facilities and equipment can lead to delays and compromises in quality. Element offers a diverse range of capabilities to simulate various environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, pressure, and vibration, with precision and accuracy. Our Environmental Chamber Testing Service goes beyond basic environmental simulation by integrating operational requirements into our testing processes. This comprehensive approach allows us to simulate additional operational conditions such as power/loading, hydraulic and pneumatic operation, and conditioned fuel, oil, or air. By doing so, we provide you with a more holistic evaluation of product performance, simplifying the testing process and ensuring thorough assessments.


Combined environmental simulation

By combining the effects of extreme temperature conditions and vibration patterns simultaneously, we can test for real-world conditions faster and more accurately. Our wide range of electro-dynamic and hydraulic vibration testing equipment can be paired with thermal, humidity and pressure chambers to replicate in-service conditions.

  • Temperature: -150C to 800C
  • Test Chamber Pressure: Up to 250 bar
  • Environment: Up to 95% RH
  • Test Chamber Dimensions: Up to 84" x 84" x 84"


Why choose Element? 

At Element, we offer a comprehensive suite of end-to-end services. Our Environmental Chamber Testing Services are supported by certifications from ISO 17025, ISO 9100, JOSCAR, and NADCAP, ensuring unmatched customer confidence. As one of the largest product testing and validation companies in North America, our world-class environmental simulation labs boast unrivaled capabilities to meet any testing requirement. Backed by our expertise and commitment to quality, we ensure precise and reliable testing outcomes every time. As your trusted testing partner, we provide the tools, data, and expert input needed for success. Discover why Element is the best choice for your testing needs by exploring our About Us page. For more information about our Environmental Chamber Testing Service or to request a quote, contact us today.

Climactics Testing 640 x 480
climatics & environmental simulation

Climatic testing

Climatic testing services include temperature, humidity, altitude, salt spray and corrosion, and weather effects including hail, snow, wind, ice, and rain, to verify that a product can endure harsh environmental conditions.

Humidity Testing

High and low humidity can be simulated and combined with temperature and altitude extremes for comprehensive real world simulation of environments.

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Altitude Testing and Simulation

Element's product qualification laboratories simulate altitude, temperature, and other in-flight conditions to provide comprehensive performance data formilitary, aerospace, and other aviation industries. 

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Salt Spray (Salt Fog) Corrosion Testing

Salt spray testing is a test method for evaluating a product or a coating's resistance to corrosion in the face of extended exposure to a saline or salted spray.

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Hail Impact Testing

Element's product testing laboratories provide hail impact testing, using air cannons to accommodate simulated and actual hail impact.

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Ice, Snow, Wind, and Rain Simulation

Element engineers can simulate severe meteorological events, including radial ice build-up, snow loads, and wind loading.

Waterproofness Testing

Condensing, Drip, Spray, and Continuous Stream Proof testing are performed on units while operating with tightly controlled unit and water temperatures.

RTCA Equipment Testing
To meet the stringent RTCA DO-160 requirements for aircraft equipment, you must ensure that your products meet the environmental, and EMC, tests, including: vibration, shock, climatic, ingress protection/waterproofness, salt spray and any others needed. Element can support all the complex testing needs. 
Vibration Testing New 640 x 480
climatics & environmental simulation

Dynamics testing

Dynamics testing measures and evaluates the responses of parts or systems to the dynamic forces they encounter, such as vibration, shock, acceleration and fatigue testing.

Dynamics Testing

Element provides numerous dynamic testing services including shock and vibration, acceleration, fatigue and structural testing.

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Bird Strike Testing

Bird strike impact testing simulates the effects of an airborne bird strike and the resulting damage to aircraft products and components.

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Ingress Protection 640 x 480
climatics & environmental simulation

Ingress protection (IP) testing

Ingress Protection testing, or IP testing, determines a product's susceptibility to solid particle ingress (sand or dust) as well as water ingress.

IP Testing (IEC 60529): IEC 60529 is an international standard designed to give products a determined International Protection Marking according to the IP Code rating. This standard tests the sealing effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the intrusion of solid particles and liquid.

Electrical Enclosure Rating Testing (NEMA 250 & UL 50E): Specific to North America, NEMA 250 (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) ratings cover additional product features and tests such as functionality under construction requirements, electrical enclosures for hazardous areas and industrial applications against environmental hazards such as water, dust, oil or corrosive atmospheres.

High Pressure Steam Jet Cleaning (DIN 40050-9): Covers degrees of protection of electrical equipment of road vehicles against foreign objects, water and access.

Water Resistance of Shipping Containers by Spray Method (ASTM D951): ASTM D951 is used to determine the water resistance of shipping containers and determines their ability to resist deterioration caused by water and the container’s ability to protect contents from water. Frequently used in conjunction with other tests such as drop test, inclined impact test, vibration or compression tests. 

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Product Durability testing 640 x 480
climatics & environmental simulation

Product durability testing

Product durability testing assesses the lifetime performance of a product to minimize the risk of failure and identify critical design issues.

Accelerated Aging

Accelerated aging testing allows manufacturers to evaluate performance of their products during its life span by exposing it to conditions including high levels of controlled temperature, humidity, and sometimes pressure.

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Accelerated Weathering Testing

Evaluate the performance of your products under extreme conditions with Accelerated weathering testing including temperature, moisture and ultraviolet radiation.

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Fluid Susceptibility Contamination Testing

Conducted in controlled, sometimes elevated temperature or humidity conditions, fluid contamination testing allows exposure of your products to liquids or chemicals to test their reaction and subsequent susceptibility during real world use.

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HALT and HASS Testing

Highly Accelerated Life Testing and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening are proven methods of shortening the time-to-market period and providing critical data about your product’s reliability and maturity.

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HAST Testing

Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) can reduce the lead time to complete humidity testing most commonly used for testing semiconductors.

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Sand and Dust Testing

Sand and Dust testing determines the resistance of equipment to the effects of blowing sand and dust. Adverse effects include: penetration into cracks and bearings, erosion of product labeling, clogging of moving parts and filters, and the formation of electrically conductive bridges.

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Solar Radiation/Weathering Effects

Element experts can simulate peak thermal response temperatures and long-term full spectrum (ultraviolet, visible, and infrared) actinic effects. Element can also calibrate the solar spectrum as required (ultraviolet, visible, and infrared bands).

Thermal Testing 640 x 480
climatics & environmental simulation

Thermal testing

Thermal testing  provides a combination of temperature and altitude, vibration, temperature variation and dual temperature testing, to hot and cold extremes, ensuring the most comprehensive climatic testing solutions. 

Combined Temperature and Vibration Testing

By combining the effects of extreme temperature conditions and vibration patterns simultaneously, Element’s environmental test experts are able to evaluate results faster. Our vibrations test systems allow for the most rigorous shock and vibration profiles for military (MIL-STD 810), avionics (RTCA DO-160), medical, telecom and automotive industries. 

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Temperature Variation Testing

By exposing products to repeated cycles of alternating temperature variations, Element can identify solutions and achieve product performance and functionality. 

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Thermal Shock testing

Our thermal shock capabilities subject products to temperature extremes, ensuring that they keep working under any range of thermal conditions.

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials


American Society for Testing & Materials

ASTM B117, ASTM D2565, ASTM D4585, ASTM G85, ASTM G154, ASTM G155, ASTM G53, ASTM G26

Canadian Standards

CSA A440.2

General Motors

GM6086, GMW3259

International Electrotechnical Commission

IEC 60068, IEC 61215

Japanese Industrial Standard

JIS D0203, JIS D0207

Military Standards

DEF-STAN 00-35, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-202

National Fenestration Rating Council

NFRC 200, NFRC 500

Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics


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