The performance of liquids and fuels in systems is an important aspect of systems testing. Element experts can provide liquid and fuel conditioning to obtain this critical information as part of a components or system test program.

Our experts can condition high pressure, air, oil, or fuels to extreme high or low temperature conditions while sustaining flow. For example, for fuel icing testing, Element experts can condition fuel to sub zero temperatures, while maintaining flow and pressure conditions. Calibrated amounts of water are then atomized into the fuel system creating the icing simulation. Samples of the fuel are extracted and analyzed using a Karl Fisher Titration system. This can resolve the water contained in the fuel down to the parts per million.

Additionally, Element now offers hot fuels testing. Hot fuels testing heats up the fuel in fuel lines to determine the temperature at which the fuel with boil and cavitate the pump. Cavitation of the pump can cause the car to stall. Hot fuels testing with Element can help you prevent these issues.

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