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Established in 2008, the ICAD III, Mussafah Civils Laboratory offers a wide range of American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) accredited tests to the construction sector. We provide these tests, both locally to Abu Dhabi and in support of our clients satellite laboratories located in the remote oilfield and offshore locations where more technically demanding tests for concrete, refractory, marble, grout, soil, aggregate testing are not a routine requirement.

The facility also offers specialist on-site testing, including pile testing, thermocouple monitoring, bridge load testing, slab & precast unit load tests, and ‘pull-out’ testing of re-bars.   

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Abu Dhabi Al Reem A2LA 5669 02 Construction Materials Schedule and Certificate
    PDF - 319.17 KB View
  • Abu Dhabi Chamber Certificate
    PDF - 329.59 KB View
  • Abu Dhabi EASM Certificate
    PDF - 202.3 KB View
  • Abu Dhabi ENAS NAL058 Certificate
    PDF - 403.61 KB View
  • Abu Dhabi ENAS NAL058 Schedule
    PDF - 1.87 MB View
  • Abu Dhabi GAC ATL0018 Certificate
    PDF - 520.6 KB View
  • Abu Dhabi GAC ATL0018 Schedule
    PDF - 735.45 KB View
  • Abu Dhabi Ministry of Economy Certificate
    PDF - 243.42 KB View

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