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Established in 2008, the ICAD III, Mussafah Civils Laboratory offers a wide range of American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) accredited tests to the construction sector in Abu Dhabi. We provide support to our clients' satellite laboratories located in the remote oilfield and offshore locations where more technically demanding tests for concrete, refractory, marble, grout, soil, and aggregate testing are not a routine requirement.

We always deliver technical assistance to clients' challenges and develop many in-house tests based on their requirements.


Laboratory capabilities and services

We offer a wide range of construction materials testing including soil, aggregate, cement, masonry units, concrete and asphalt, pile foundation testing, bridge load testing, strain and monitoring of concrete, chemical analysis, and concrete structural investigating tests. The facility also offers specialist on-site testing, including pile testing, thermocouple monitoring, bridge load testing, slab & precast unit load tests, and ‘pull-out’ testing of re-bars.

Our unique capabilities include: 

  • Rain simulation test (ASTM d 6459)
  • Coefficient of linear thermal expansion of concrete: CRD – C39
  • Apparent chloride diffusion coefficient of cementitious mixtures by bulk diffusion: ASTM c1556 & NT BUILD 443
  • Absorption of water by concrete by immersion under vacuum: RILEM 11.3, METHOD.
  • Refractory bricks tests (physical properties)
  • Potential alkali reactivity of aggregate (mortar bar method): ASTM C1260
  • Soil erosion test (crump & pinhole) 
  • Electrical resistivity (soil & concrete)


Our accreditations 

The laboratory is A2LA Accredited in Soil, Concrete, Aggregate & Asphalt for Chloride and Sulfate Acid Soluble. The full scope of our accreditations is available for download below. 

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Abu Dhabi A2LA 5669 03 Calibration
    PDF - 479.47 KB View
  • Abu Dhabi ADQCC Designation D LAB 008 B
    PDF - 556.25 KB View
  • Abu Dhabi ESMA Certificate R T 22 9899
    PDF - 215.22 KB View
  • Abu Dhabi ICAD A2LA 5669 02 Construction Materials
    PDF - 495.03 KB View
  • Element Abu Dhabi ICAD III Trade License
    PDF - 296.23 KB View

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