About Element Muscat 

Element’s Muscat Lab is the hub of our Oman operations offering A2LA accredited ISO/IEC 17025 services across multiple testing activities

Minerals analysis: chemical, mechanical and physical analysis for all mineral types.

Construction Materials Testing: supporting civil engineering projects across Oman ensuring materials and components meet specifications, including for ports, airports, roads, bridges, petrochemical and industrial complexes, and buildings. Services cover mechanical, physical and chemical analysis of all common materials.

Structural investigations: investigation into potential problems with new and existing buildings including ports, airports, industrial structures and infrastructures 

Metallurgy: we provide destructive (Mechanical) testing for carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel both for weld metal and base metal. Corrosion testing and microstructural examinations for stainless and alloy steels. 

Failure investigations: providing factual reports on the nature of component failures to allow informed decisions to be made on corrective and preventative actions.

Environmental Chemistry: analysis of all types of water and soil.

Food and Water microbiology: analysis of water, food raw materials, ready to eat meals, dairy, meat and fish products. 

Environment monitoring: stack emissions monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, soil and groundwater investigations, noise and odour monitoring.

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Muscat A2LA Oman Chemical 5669 04 Schedule and Certificate
    PDF - 270.85 KB Download
  • Muscat A2LA Oman Construction Materials 5669 05 Schedule and Certificate
    PDF - 344.56 KB Download
  • Muscat A2LA Oman Mechanical 5669 06 Schedule and Certificate
    PDF - 301.38 KB Download
  • Muscat Oman ISO 9001 Certification
    PDF - 575.98 KB Download
  • Oman Al Haditha Approval
    PDF - 302.45 KB Download
  • Oman JSRS Approval
    PDF - 314.7 KB Download
  • Oman PDO Approval
    PDF - 45.29 KB Download
  • Oman Petrofac Approval
    PDF - 63.44 KB Download
  • Oman USACE Approval
    PDF - 2.06 MB Download

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